The Skerre Reference Grammar

Table of Contents

1 Introduction

Part I: Phonetics and Phonology

2 The Sounds

3 Phonotactics

4 Phonological Alternations

5 Prosodic Patterns

6 Orthography

Part II: Nouns and Their Phrases

7 Nominal Number Morphology (and Intro to Nominal Morphology)

8 The Formation of Nouns

9 Case Markers (and Intro to Noun Phrases)

10 Possession

11 Quantifiers and Attributive Modifiers (including Numbers, Color Terms, and Demonstratives)

12 Pronouns

13 Kinship Terms

Part III: Verbs and the Verbal Complex

14 Inflectional Verbal Morphology

15 Derivational Verbal Morphology

16 Verbal Satellites

Part IV: Argument Realization

17 Argument Realization with Basic Verbs

18 Argument Realization in Other Constructions

Part V: The Syntax of Clauses

19 Basic Clausal Structure

20 Non-Verbal Predication Constructions

Part VI: Syntax Beyond The Clause

21 Pragmatically Marked Constructions

22 Subordination

23 Coordination

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