The Skerre language and people came into existence in 1994 and have undergone numerous changes since then. Skerre, as currently conceived, is spoken by (fictitious) pre-Iron Age hunter-gatherers who live in a mountainous region of continent not too unlike North America. The language itself is a phonologically-simple, mildly agglutinative, and head-initial. It is of vaguely Pacific Rim areal affiliation and of unknown genetic affiliation. The pages below discuss the language and its people more in-depth in addition to providing numerous examples of the language.

A (Sketch) Grammar of Skerre (pdf) (coming in the future)

The authoritative word on the structure of the Skerre language

A Concise Grammar of Skerre (pdf)

The grammar document for those who would prefer not to get lost in a long grammatical description

100-Word Swadesh List

A short vocabulary list of some of the more common words in Skerre


Examples of the language

Ethnographic Data About the Speakers of Skerre

A brief description of the cultural milieu of the language

The Script to the Play Done in Skerre (pdf)

The results of an interesting middle school class

Behind the Scenes

The unauthorized (okay, maybe it is authorized) history of the development of Skerre

Skerre Elsewhere on the Web

Can't get enough on this site? Here are some other sites that talk about Skerre.