Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 1

Original Version

Enar a yiket i riyos tsire ir rik te siwataariyo ni rastako.
Enar a yiket i riyos tsire ir rik te si-wa-taariy-o ni rastak-o.
be.born ABS all GEN being be.free and be.equal LOC NMLZ-DENOM-respect-PDT and privilege-PDT
All beings are born free and equal in respectfulness and privilege.

Keyas a sisats ni sisenkos ya teken
Ke-yas a si-sats ni si-senkos ya teken
AC-give ABS NMLZ-think and NMLZ-be.moral DAT them
Thought and morality are given to them

ir tik saa ’ak-ti ya kari-se te ista i siwatarin.
ir tik saa ’ak=ti ya kari=se te ista i si-wat-(h)arin.
and must COMP do=3PL.NOM DAT self=3PL.POSS LOC manner GEN NMLZ-DENOM-sibling.
and they should act towards each other in the practice of siblinghood.

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