The Tower of Babel

The following is a translation of the Tower of Babel story, chosen for its irony with respect to conlanging. I used the Greek version of Genesis 11:1-9 as the source for this translation, supplemented by the King James Version (English).

11.1  Te tari tar, e’ik a yat i sires te yiket i tahin.
  LOC time that PFV-exist ABS one GEN NMLZ-speak LOC all GEN world
  At that time, there was one language in all the world.

11.2  Kiyes kaqueyi-ti soo kiyen,
  while PROG-arrive=3PL.NOM ABL east
  As they were arriving from the east,

         eyetin-ti a yotar te ques to ekesise a Sinar ya tir
  PFV-find-TR=3PL.NOM ABS plain LOC land REL PFV-AC-name ABS (name) DAT this
  they found a plain in the land named Shinar

         ir enahir-ti sata.
  and PFV-settle=3PL.NOM there
  and they settled there.

11.3  Eyik-ti ya kari-te,
  PFV-say=3PL.NOM DAT self=3PL.POSS
  They said to each other,

         "Katik saa kihanin-wo a hok i tsesi-sikenat."
    PROG-must COMP IRR-gather-TR=1PL.NOM ABS some GEN piece=NMLZ-build
  "We should gather some building materials."

         Ir eresa-ti.
  and PFV-do:PFV=3PL.NOM
  And they did.

11.4  Eyan, eyik-ti,
  S-linker PFV-say=3PL.NOM
  Next, they said,

         "Katik saa kikenatin-wo a aran ni tates
    PROG-must COMP IRR-build-TR=1PL.NOM ABS city and tower
  "We should build a city and tower

         to sik tsiquos ena sakir
  REL up-go sky
  that can go up to the sky

         kat rokerinsa a sise-we
  so.that FUT-AC-remember ABS name=1PL.POSS
  so that our name will be remembered

         sas kikehaana-wo ya yiket i hasin i tahin."
  before IRR-AC-scatter=1PL.NOM DAT all GEN surface GEN world
  before we might be scattered to the entire surface of the world."

11.5  Enowor a Tsan-Taran wisor ki’ok ya aran ni tates
  PFV-down-go:PFV ABS Divinity-Chief in.order IRR-see DAT city and tower
  Chief Divinity went down to see the city and tower

         to ekenatin tsa saasakar i tanko-riyos.
  REL PFV-build-TR ERG PL~child GEN race-being
  that the children of humanity had build.

11.6  Eyik a Tsan-Taran, "Ok, ik te teken a yat i sires
  PFV-say ABS Divinity-Chief see.IMP exist LOC 3PL ABS one GEN language
  Chief Divinity said, "See, they have one language

         ir sik-ti ak a tir,
  and do ABS this
  and they can do this,

         ir waha, koni-ti ronati te koser to royok-ti ya tar.
  and now NEG=3PL.NOM FUT-fail LOC nothing REL FUT-try=3PL.NOM DAT RESUMP
  and now, they will not fail at anything that they will try.

11.7  Ronotsaa-ha sata ir rohiran-ha a sires-te
  FUT-down-go:IRR=1SG.NOM there and FUT-mix.up-TR=1SG.NOM ABS language=3PL.POSS
  I'm going to go down there and mix up their language

         wisor koni-ti kisik aket a kari-te."
  in.order NEG=3PL.NOM comprehend ABS self=3PL.POSS
  so that they won't be able to comprehend each other."

11.8  Eyan, ehaanaate tsa Tsan-Taran ya yiket i hasin i tahin
  S-linker PFV-scatter-3PL.ACC ERG Divinity-Chief DAT all GEN surface GEN world
  The, the Chief Divinity dispersed them to the entire surface of the world

         ir eriitowetiite te sikenat i aran ni tates.
  and PFV-CAUS-abandon-3PL.ACC LOC NMLZ-build GEN city and tower
  and He caused them to abandon the building of the city and tower.

11.9  Soo sores tir, ekesise a Wawel ya wisa,
  ABL event this PFV-AC-name ABS Babel DAT place
  Because of this event, the name Babel was given to the place,

         wisor ehiran sata tsa Tsan-Taran a sires i yiket i tahin
  because PFV-mix.up-TR there ERG Divinity-Chief ABS language GEN all GEN world
  because there the Chief Divinity mixed up the language of all the world

         ir ehaanaate ya yiket i hasintahin.
  and PFV-scatter-3PL.ACC DAT all GEN surface GEN world
  and He scattered them to the entire surface of the world.

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